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‘Tis the season for every design/lifestyle/mommy blog on the planet to post gift guides of every kind. Guides for everybody in your life, be they human or animal. Because I never like to feel left out, I thought I’d do the same. Today’s instalment is all about what I’d love to find under the tree or what I’d love to be able to afford to gift. That being said, we are planning a destination wedding with close friends and family next June, so the hubby and I decided that we would not be exchanging gifts this year. At least no non-wedding related gifts allowed. So this is my wish list for your Christmas. Or for mine, in a year or two.

Growing up, my parents had a Hudson Bay blanket and they probably still have it. It reminds me of cottages and cozying up on a couch with a stack of magazines. I love the multicoloured stripe but the brown and cream one is pretty too. They even have a duvet cover version.

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Weirdly at home, we never listen to music on our phones or iPods. It’s all radio, all the time. Actually this isn’t weird if you consider that we don’t own a dock for our iPhones. These (a) from Anthropologie are cute and unobtrusive. Exactly how I like my electronics. And on the topic of electronics, these (b)  little, hyper portable speakers from west elm are so darn cute. These would be perfect for listening to music with the kids out in the yard or even for our many impromptu bathroom dance parties. Also small enough to stuff in a stocking.

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I’m not super familiar with Kinfolk magazine but I’ve leafed through their new book at the bookstore and it looks dreamy. I love cookbooks! Even if I barely use them because of a very picky four year old, I love nothing more than to get cozy and leaf through the recipes, bookmarking the ones I’d like to try. The French Market Cookbook by Clotilde Dusoulier is one I’d like to peruse. We have been eating more vegetarian food at home and my recipe well is running dry. These would make great gifts for your entertaining loving bff or your mom.

TheKinfolkTable_CookbookPreview   Unknown

I really love what JCrew has been doing with jewelry in the last two years. These are statement pieces. Items that would look amazing with a plain white T and jeans or with a dress on a date night. And imagine the heart flutters when you open the box and find one of these pieces inside? Oh boy.


I have a purse and shoe obsession that is difficult to tame. Always have had but especially since having kids and realizing that boots and purses look good no matter how much baby weight won’t go away. I love love love Baggu bags. They are inexpensive, fun, and well made. If I come across a Baggu grocery bag, chances are I will buy it. The ones below can be found at west elm and are a fancy and festive version. Perfect for a weekend away. Or as a stylish diaper bag. And they can even be monogramed to make the gift receiver feel extra special !

img3o   img32c

Below are practical gifts I’d totally want to give or get. Not from my honey. He better not get me a slow-cooker. But, for/from family, these are super presents. I’ve wanted to try slow-cooking for a while now and the Cuisinart model below does a million other things besides slow cook like roast, steam, and sauté. As for the coffee maker, it is quite ironic that I’d even put it on any list. Don’t get me wrong, we are a coffee loving family. What we don’t have is a coffee maker. We have a behemoth of an espresso machine that used to be at our restaurant and that eats up all of my counter space and that hasn’t worked in, oh about 2 years. We have an aeropress that my brain refuses to remember how to use. So I am a coffee prisoner, only getting coffee when my hubby is around to make it for me. Pathetic. I want a simple, dummy-proof, push a button, get a cup of coffee kind of machine. This Krups one from west elm looks pretty and compact. And it’s on sale. These would be perfect for the sister-in-law or mother-in-law in your life.

img89o  img64o

My super talented friend Meghan Price started String Theory with a friend a few years ago. They make gorgeous scarves and shawls and ONE DAY, I will get one. Maybe a Christmas present to me, from me ?

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So fun to think about a wish list. So nice to dream about what you’d love to give to your favourite girlfriend, your mom, your best friend. As for me, all I really want are happy, healthy children. For real. And a Bay gift card so that I can buy underwear. For the wedding, of course.


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