I offer a full range of commercial and residential decorating services, for projects of all sizes and budgets. I pride myself in designing with purpose – not just decorating for decorating sake. My taste could be described as “warm modern”, and personal – working with you to create an inviting and fully functional space that will suit your needs today, and for years to come. There are 3 main phases for each project, big or small:

I. Design Phase

There is more to the design phase than making Pinterest boards, although I do have one and am happy to use this tool to share our ideas. The design phase is all about getting to know your taste, goals and budget, in order to create a cohesive plan for the project including, but not limited to:

–    Floor plans

–    Furniture placement and options

–     Colour schemes

–     Lighting design

II. Sourcing Phase

This is when we pick out all the finishes and furniture for your new space, such as tile, flooring, furniture and textile options. In keeping with the overall design plan, I source options at different price points and give you my recommendations, then together we make the call on what items are purchased, such as:

–    Furniture

–    Lighting

–    Flooring

–    Window treatments

–    Accessories

III. Execution phase

Whether redecorating of a room, or managing a more involved renovation project, I always follow-through to ensure that the original design is being carried-out as planned. Depending on the project needs, I will be on-site often, or less frequently, always checking-in on progress and any changes that may have come up along the way. This phase is carried out in consultation with you and all contractors and collaborators. Once the dust has settled (literally – renos are dusty), we can sit down with a glass of bubbly, and start planning the next project!

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Rate plans

Over the years, I have established tailored yet flexible plans that fit my clients’ needs and budgets. Whether you’re embarking on your first renovation, redecorating a room, or simply want some advice on how your furniture be better arranged, we can find a way to work together. Here are my most common plans:

Hourly rate

If you’re embarking on a smaller project, or want to start small before moving on to bigger plans, my hourly rate plan could be a good fit. This can apply to all stages of the design process, including but not limited to: defining a design style, creating floor plans, choosing colour schemes, sourcing new furniture and accessories, and execution. An hourly estimate will be provided at the beginning of the job to get things rolling, and adjusted as necessary with your approval as the job progresses.

Full service – Flat rate

If you’re planning a larger and possibly longer-term project, such as a renovation, and want me directly involved without worrying about accumulating hours, my flat rate option is a good place to start. In this scenario, we start by looking at your overall budget, then allocate a flat amount for my services. I assemble the best team of contractors and collaborators for your project, and then we work together as a team to get the job done. This plan typically includes my full range of design services, including defining the overall design direction, sourcing furniture and finishes, and ensuring that everything comes together through the building and execution phase.

One time consultation

For those of you who are more DIY inspired and simply want a nudge in the right direction, I also offer a one-time consultation rate. We meet in person and I give you my professional opinion on the best options to move your project forward.

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