Gift Guide 2014 (part1)

As someone who loves to shop, I love checking out gift guides: to get inspired, to see what’s out there. I also love creating guides for all the people out there who hate to shop. A one stop list for the moms, kids, dads, hostesses, and teachers that we all need to get shopping for. I was going to make multiple gift guides for all those very special people in your life just like I did last year. Then I thought: who the heck has the time? To read a million guides AND to write them? Seriously, who? Not me that is for damn sure. So instead I’ve collected tons of great ideas (at least I think so), and I’ll be presenting you with part 1 here today and give you part 2 by the end of the week. Enjoy!


My kids asked Santa for a Playmobil Pirate Ship with Pirates and a Playmobil Pirate Ship with Princess Pirates (?) respectively. This is what I’d love to get them instead.

1. pSPDO1-17941413p275w2.pSPDO1-16716168p275w

My son learnt to swim this summer. These accessories from Speedo would be great treats.

3.animalrugs-lr-ls-1 beestenboel_4

I loooove these animal felt rugs from Lark. Not cheap but so sweet and hand made in Nepal, where they provide sustainable work for women in rural areas. 

4.il_570xN.630047860_lpp6 il_570xN.677962320_i0wp

How great are these? From the Etsy shop Lovelane. I can’t even take it. Every kid should have one.

5.33848268_016_b-1 6.4547315823369_400

My daughter loves playing Doctor. I love this wooden set from Anthropologie. Maybe instead of the Playmobil Pirate ship, we could get this 3D puzzle ship from Muji?


I love this make your own monster kit that I saw at Galerie Co in Montreal. They are by Donna Wilson and no two kits is the same so your little monsters can each get one and not fight over them.


10.2504_9d58da20dc-4x9c6352 11. 1235_4f678e79dc-44

I think I have an animal thing going on these days. But what is cuter than a kid dressed up as a fox or as a zebra? C’mon!


This Mom will be asking for a new phone as my current one dies little deaths every day on it’s way to the inevitable big death it won’t recover from. It’ll be a practical gift but oh so necessary in my line of work and also for capturing every moment of my little loves. Practical gifts are fine but not romantic. So from my hubby, I’m hoping for a little romance in the form of jewellery (Hi BB!). Nothing fancy but something sparkly or shiny for sure. Here are some other gift ideas for any other ladies out there. These are all so great. I’d take them all! Now that would be romantic!

1. SB_in_RR_grande 2.50266f4f631137362e52291f61ed2472


3.4112886075707_001_b 5.goods_02_128150

So it’s missing a bottom, but right here, these four pieces make up my dream outfit.Obviously with pants or something. Obviously.

5.goods_135813_sub3 6.540ee68d_fdbb

Ugh. I love these two pieces. So simple.

And now for the sparkles and shine…

7.34210682_000_a 8.33132143_070_b

Green is a Holiday colour, right?

9.34150615_007_b 10.33882499_070_b 11.34425306_007_b

I’m going through a stud phase. Maybe it’s the new haircut but I don’t want to wear dangly earrings right now. All I have are dangly earrings. Hint hint.


My husband usually asks for gift certificates for birthdays and Christmas. I really don’t like giving him gift cards. That’ll be for my parents or his parents to do. This is the kind of thing I’d buy him if I could:

1.f2ff420e92ce58aa7c14c862433c6908 2.e8861f4de823c343b80fdc1fd5a2e3fc

My honey likes to drink beer but he also knows his way around a cocktail. I got him a nice vintage-y cocktail mixing set a couple of years ago for his birthday but we don’t have an ice bucket and I love this copper shaker from Terrain too.

3.30b35499ebd5ed119eab541fc855cdda4. 0af5ca50fd70a1a044cd8ba2c12d9753

Love these bag options: a weekender and a backpack. Classic and totally useful for the gym or a short getaway.

5.77388b7cf397440157558266dbdace55 6.6e24444cdf85fc7d308b9b5b6183b998

7.5e0825ff15fc53f9917d9a0c3dd7dddb 8.5d6a04149eae25122e545bb08c1fe500

Oh the clothes. Would love to see every man I know in these soft and cozy things. That hoodie is so great. I’d probably steal that hoodie for real.



My guy is super into running. This year, he’ll definitely be getting some running gear under the tree. My son already thinks that his father is a ninja when he goes for a run, that last item will really make him look like one.

So that checks the kids, the moms or sisters, and the dads or brothers off the list. Stay tuned for gifts for the hostess, the teachers, and some stocking stuffers too.

Thanks for reading & happy shopping.







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  1. claire heistek December 5, 2014 at 7:19 pm #

    Would love to get those goggles for my grand children but can’t seem to find them in Canada.

    Do you know of an outlet? Would prefer Ottawa but Montreal OK too.


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