Blog post #1

People have been telling me that I should blog for a while now. I have been super resistant mainly because I am a technophobe – I’d say 50% terrified of the technology, 30% being crazy busy with babies, jobs and home, 20% being super lazy. Ok, maybe not lazy, but if I do have a minute to myself I want to decompress and watch TV, or return a phone call, or (really) go to sleep. But all it took was a great work opportunity popping into my life, and the looming prospect of my youngest baby starting daycare, to make me jump off this cliff. I cannot promise that I will blog often or well. I will definitely try to post at least once every week for now, maybe more. Sometimes I’ll write lots and sometimes I’ll just post a picture of something I’m loving that day: an object, a paint colour, a tile, or even my nail polish which I am really digging right now. Welcome!


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