So, this happened.

I was recently contacted by a fellow Montrealer and fellow working mom for decorating help in her home. Then she wrote about it for


This is the project:

#1 converting a guest room/office to a playroom/guest room



#2 make a basement office/ guest room now hold two separate work spaces and still be a potential guest room.


The main challenge: not much of a budget to speak of. We will need to (for the most part) make use of what is already there. We will need to modify existing pieces and think small rather than BIG.

And that is the hardest part for me. Not the mini budget- I’ve done plenty of those. And not the fact that we will be mostly working with what’s there- I do that all the time. It’s knowing that the work has the potential of being seen by a larger audience: my instinct is to go big, go bold, make it a real “reveal” like they do on t.v. But that is not the mandate. I need to respect my client’s budget, accept the job’s parameters, do what I would do on a normal contract. I basically need to pretend that my client isn’t writing about this. Even if I do.


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