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I love to shop. I really love it. It could be for clothing, for furniture, for food, for accessories. I could be buying for clients, family, or for myself. It is all good. I do it for a living and I do it for fun. In the love of shopping apex though, the very top is buying presents for people. I love buying presents. I think about it, make lists, research, and think some more. I wish I had enough money so that I could buy gifts for people all the time. The people I love to shop for the most are my honey and my children. As stated in my previous post though, my guy is getting no non-wedding related gifts this year. We will buy presents for our kids but we decided that instead of presents for each other, we’d put the money towards our wedding. Sorry, Babe. If he were to get presents though, they would look something like the gift guide below.

I love love love a nice, manly watch on a guy. And I know that in this day of iPhones, no one really needs a watch. But it looks so good and grown up. There is something about a watch on a man that says I am an adult and I care about time. And being on time. And I care about not making people wait for me all the time, when they have stuff to do too. Sheesh. These examples from Nixon and JCrew are definitely manly man watches. And I won’t be late anymore watches.

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I don’t know about your guy, but my guy is waaaaaaay into craft beer. Really he is obsessed. I think in order of love he would probably say:  1. kids, 2. football in a tie with craft beer, 3. me, 4. good food, 5. college basketball, 6. everything else. Anyhow, he loves the craft beer and no trip to the United States is complete without one or many beer runs. These various and quite beautiful beer bottles then litter my counter top and are displayed on shelves until they are moved to the fridge, and then finally, sometimes months later, consumed. In a bid to regain my kitchen counter space, how about a beer making kit? If your guy  (or gal, girls like beer too), is into craft beer, this affordable and rather attractively packaged kit could be a pretty great gift. He’ll make his own beer, read about all the recipes he can try in the accompanying book. Then you can even throw in this vintage bottle opener from etsy. AND buy a six-pack of beers from Trou Du Diable brewery, that you can pick up at Boucherie Lawrence. Nice.

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Sunglasses are kind of like watches. Just an accessory but when you graduate to the non-plastic watch, you graduate to the non 6$ a pair sunglasses. They kind of go hand in hand. Always a classic, Ray-Bans look good on just about any face type. You just need to find the right style for your face shape. There are the aviators and the wayfarers and I think most people fit into one of those two camps. For instance, I look good in a an aviator but I look terrible in the wayfarer. I think my guy is also an aviator but I’d have to see…


My mother always says that as long as you take care of your teeth, have a good haircut, and wear nice shoes, it doesn’t really matter what you are wearing. Maybe it’s an old Romanian expression. I don’t know if this is true, but I make it a habit to agree with my mother on most things. She is often right. In the shoe, sunglasses, watch family, I would include a nice bag. A cool backpack or messenger bag. I love the Montreal company Mo851. I don’t love their name but I love their products so very much. Not inexpensive but really nice quality leather goods. And they have really great sample sales a few time a year when prices drop like crazy and people line up around the block to get bags, jackets, and wallets. The splurge/feeling flush for the holidays, present is on the left: the “army style shoulder bag”. On the right: the more affordable iPhone case. The case even has two pockets and a spot for cards- so if your guy is a minimalist like mine (i.e. leaving the house with his phone and bank card and that’s all), this is a great gift.

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And finally, for some cozy. It isn’t the holidays in Canada without some scarves, warm and wooly sweaters, socks and tuques . These are some of my favourites. I saw these (1) scarves from Breed at a new shop called Lo’Well. I love anything nautical (yes, still). The pattern on the knit is subtle but really beautiful. JCrew does certain things really, really well. Lately, I feel like they can do no wrong. One of those things is menswear: their suits, shirts, sweaters are all really nicely designed. I love these sweaters: (2) the Canadian Sweater Company Cowishan Cardigan and (3)the nordic dot sweater. The Smart Wool sock is my Mother in Law’s favourite stocking stuffer for everyone in the family and in winter, we don’t wear any other kind of sock. They may not be pretty, but trust, they are super warm. If it isn’t clear to you yet, I have a stripe obsession. Not just for me but for everyone in my family. This (5) knit tuque from the Gap is pretty darn cute. The kind of thing I would definitely steal from the hubby, on occasion. And it isn’t very warm but I really like this ball cap from, yes again, JCrew. It is an Ebbets Field Flannels Montreal Royals ball cap. I love the vintage look and I love the colour combo. Maybe for my dad? The only ball cap wearer I know. Or my son? So good.

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If I could, I would 100% buy my guy every single thing on this gift guide. Maybe not 5 watches but you know what I mean. He deserves it all and more for being an extraordinary daddy, a loving and wonderful partner, a beautiful person, and for being my very best friend. And even if he wasn’t all those things, I’d probably still want to buy him this and more because I love him and because I am addicted to shopping.


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