Maybe it is the falling snow outside. Maybe it is because I miss taking the kids to the park. Or maybe it is just because I love the colour so much. Some pops of green to brighten a winter day. As with blue, green in design can really cover a huge spectrum on the colour chart- from pale and almost grey to deep jungle green, and I can’t get enough. Just click on the picture to get the links.

1. 834d959309fe15d1e95b89472477ca27   2. badkamer_modern

Oh to have a giant, shiny green door!      And those sage-y bathroom tiles with that deep green bench. Dreamy.

 3. 134b4c514473c71eb48f24447bf869f9   4. a4b404eb1aeea56cb9efd3369f3bdb8e

The raspberry chairs on that green floor with the dark green walls: it looks so European, old-fashioned but still so modern. That tile is ridiculously beautiful with the painted tub. Love it!

5. f417b1f1cde4b294d8639522b6128a90  6.  design sponge via big daddy

A velvet Ikea couch and some vintage desk lamps hacked to create a hanging light.

Green is really popping up in kitchen design. It is so pretty with wood and marble. And it works beautifully with brass touches and vintage pieces.

Jakobstr_HP01-392x562 7976453136_76fa4e07ac_c Herrangen-Gront-Kok-016 1d-kopia1 screen-shot-2013-11-03-at-10-34-24-pmGenbyg-køkken

Whether it is the cabinetry, a painted floor, or some tile, green and kitchens are a great match.

Some green paint I love:

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And it’s not just in interior design. From deep and dark to pale and minty, I love green in fashion too:

IYTAGree   10294_GR62958602004d104744415e10dbbe5d5a324a 08793_GR5754_m6d346bfd72cb47a737e695c9085b0f17d88daf420a2b16a7e38501ebcd870a70

Even here at home, little green tableaux surround me. Soft and pretty.


Outside my window, there is a blanket of snow covering everything. Fat snowflakes are drifting down non stop. There is not a speck of green to be seen. So until it comes back around in the outside world, I’ll have to content myself with hits of green wherever I can find them.


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